Monday, September 27, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new!

Many of you know that I have been on quest for a healthier lifestyle since oh, about June.  Although I still struggle to keep my weight going in the right direction, down instead of up, I have noticed my clothes are fitting differently.  I've held off with the transition of going to smaller sized clothing because of the expense, (I'm such a miser, I only shop sales and find most of my clothing at or an occasional Denim & Co purchase from QVC).  But you know when you reach a point of embarrasment, and just have to bite the bullet?  Well I reached that.  I have gone down two dress sizes, now that sounds funny, you rarely will ever see me in a dress, but you know what I it was time to clean out the closet after purchasing a minimal amount of new duds.  And here is the result:

Clothing being donated

I ended up with two large plastic tubs ready for donation.  Whew!  My closet looks really good!  You know, sometimes simpler IS better. 

And there's more.  For a while now I have subscribed on and off to a program called e-mealz.  It's a meal plan that you subscribe to for $5 a month.  You can select any type of meal plan that you want, for families, or for just two people.  Then you can choose what type of plan you want, regular, low fat, vegetarian, low carb, weight watcher's point system...and then you can select the grocery list provided with the menu from where you shop, Walmart, Publix, any for us, we do the meal plan for two, point system, from Walmart.  Check it out, it might be for you.


  1. Congratulations!!!!!

    You deserve a prize because it never is as easy as we think.

    Smiles going out to you!

  2. There's a chance you are qualified for a complimentary $200 Walmart Gift Card.