Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Over a month ago since I posted last, that is shameful.  But the truth is I am unbelievably busy these days and will be for about another 3 weeks.  I've been busy working my part time job and busy quilting full time which leaves little time for much else.  Hubby still wants an occasional dinnner on the table, then there's the laundry, grocery shopping, vet appointments and pet chores, a quick cleaning here and there, well you all know the drill.  Needless to day my own fun quilting has been a thing of the past. 

I have been dreaming and yearning as to what project I could do when all of my other committments have been fulfilled.  Hummm there are so many I want to do.  But I am going to think about it, and maybe it will help speed up the rest of my obligations until I am caught up for a bit.

With a trip to Alaska looming in the horizon I am trying to finish up a multitude of have to's.  Why am I going to Alaska?  because my son and his wife are going to have a baby, which will be my first grandchild, and it's a boy.  Do I have his quilt finished yet?  No, the fabric is still sitting in a bag just like it came from the store, last november...yes last november.  Shameful, just shameful.  This is not one of those have to's it is one for pleasure but I feel like I must get all of the other customer quilts finished before I can treat myself to get going on the baby quilt.