Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Snow-Kissed Star quilt

When the recent McCall's Quilting magazine came in the mail I decided to make the quilt pictured on the cover, and so got to work.  It went together fairly quick, using mostly jelly roll strips and some yardage. 
Snow-Kissed Star

This shows a close-up of the quilting, a pantograph called Dragon's Breath, okay not the prettiest name, but it is a pretty design.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting off the fast track

When I took on a part time job in January, in addition to my longarm quilting business, I thought that I would have no problem managing both.  Just wanting a little extra money to attack some bills and have some treats now and then...then the hours got to be more and more...and I got stressed and stressed.  My longarm business was getting harder and harder to manage, especially this time of year when people want quilts finished for Christmas.  The worst part was that it left me no time at all for my own quilting, which if you are a quilter you know can be very therapeutic.  So this past Saturday was my last day.  I still find myself all revved up in the morning thinking that I have to rush as usual to fit everything in my day, and then I realize that I only need to focus on the longarm quilting.  It is wonderful.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Over a month ago since I posted last, that is shameful.  But the truth is I am unbelievably busy these days and will be for about another 3 weeks.  I've been busy working my part time job and busy quilting full time which leaves little time for much else.  Hubby still wants an occasional dinnner on the table, then there's the laundry, grocery shopping, vet appointments and pet chores, a quick cleaning here and there, well you all know the drill.  Needless to day my own fun quilting has been a thing of the past. 

I have been dreaming and yearning as to what project I could do when all of my other committments have been fulfilled.  Hummm there are so many I want to do.  But I am going to think about it, and maybe it will help speed up the rest of my obligations until I am caught up for a bit.

With a trip to Alaska looming in the horizon I am trying to finish up a multitude of have to's.  Why am I going to Alaska?  because my son and his wife are going to have a baby, which will be my first grandchild, and it's a boy.  Do I have his quilt finished yet?  No, the fabric is still sitting in a bag just like it came from the store, last november...yes last november.  Shameful, just shameful.  This is not one of those have to's it is one for pleasure but I feel like I must get all of the other customer quilts finished before I can treat myself to get going on the baby quilt.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Desk purchased for studio

I did find a desk at Goodwill, but not the one I talked about before.  It is another desk that I found at a Goodwill store in another city.  It's white which is great because it matches the white laminated cubbies I already have.  Though I am anxious to get going on re-organizing my desk area I am going to have to put it off.  I have a whopper of a quilt I'm currently working on for a customer and it is taking up all of my time.  But it's nice to know that I have my little desk ready when I'm ready...I don't have to paint this one...yeah!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some changes in the studio?

About 14 months ago I had a professional organizer help me with my studio and personal sewing room, 2 rooms that badly needed an overhaul.  The sewing room is not seen by my customers and I don't worry about it as much, and truthfully I spend way more time in the studio where my longarm machine is.  At the time we reorganized, I got rid of a mammoth oversized desk and went for a more streamlined look.  Lots of cubbies, but what turned out to be over time, not much surface space for my laptop and writing space.  I spent just under $200 on all the "units", but I want a real desk back.  I found one at our local Goodwill that I really like.  It's ugly, from the 60"s with tapered legs, but structurally sound.  It has 5 drawers and will fit in my space with room to spare.  I was going to paint it anyway, so surface marks didn't matter.  The cost?  $25.99, not too bad.  So I'm brainstorming in my head, doing a lot of thnking and wondering if this desk I'm considering will really meet my needs.  It's not so much the cost, but the time it will take to get it painted when I'm already pressed for time these days...and yet my current arrangement is beginning to get on my nerves as well.  Decisions, Decisions...I do have a couple more places I want to look but I keep picturing the desk in my studio...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Clipping Coupons? Menu Service?

When the kids were growing up I could never kee up with the coupons from Sunday's paper, or using the coupons for that matter, it always seemed that it was more bother than it was worth.  Our local Sunday paper leaves much to be desired and besides, I"d rather be quilting than clipping coupons.

But several years ago I became a fan of e-mealz a subscription menu service catering to just two people or an entire family.  It features not only different types of dietary considerations, but also what store you do your food shopping at.  With just my hubby and I,  we chose the meals for two, and this year I decided to go with the New Points System (Weight Watchers).  Although we have a Publix where I like to purchase meats, the general bulk of my shopping is from WalMart, and with e-mealz you have that option.  The menus are planned around the local grocery flyers so that you can take advantage of the specials.  Oh and did I mention that the grocery shopping list is already provided for you, just print it off and take it to the store....!!

It was through the e-mealz site that I discovered The Coupon Clippers a service that does the coupon clipping for you, charges a very nominal handling fee and mails your coupons out to you for the cost of a regular postage stamp.  At this site you can browse through all kinds of coupons that you might not have come across in your Sunday paper supplement.  I spend about $4.50 every 10 days or so with The Coupon Clippers, and from that collection of coupons I usually save between $25 -$50 on my grocery bill. 

What's not to love?

Friday, February 18, 2011

A day just for me?

Since the year began I hit the ground running, knowing that I'd be busy with work outside the home, and my own quilting business.  Both are very satisfying jobs and the variety I see on a day to day basis is inspiring.  But I do miss the occasional afternoon when I could sit down and piece a top just for me to mindlessly sew.  Granted these quilts of mine are almost always donated to a local charity, but it has always been a relaxing time for me.

I need to figure out a way to work that time back into my schedule because I really miss it. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still Alive

Yes I am still alive, but very busy these days, and not much in the way of pictures to share.  We are warming up here in the South and except for a few colder days forcasted I think we are out of the winter and into spring.  Gotta love it.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Green Bay Packers

I am a huge Green Bay Packer fan being from Wisconsin.  Yesterday's Super Bowl win was just the best!  I'm so happy for them and what they've accomplished this year.  GO PACK!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday, a catch-up day

As most of the midwest and east is shovelling snow, we are just cold and rainy.  I remember those blizzards quite well, and though I miss snow, I don't miss those blizzards and treacherous roads.  I remember watching the weather reports of threatening winter storms.  I remember the trips to the grocery store to stock up on essentials, knowing that we'd be hunkered down for days. 

Here in the South, we do the same for Hurricane season.  Stock up, be prepared.  Watch and wait, and hope for the best. 

Today is a catch-up day for me.  It's been an incredibly hectic week and I just want to take the day to regroup, but that won't happen.  Too many chores, and errands to run, but I hope to save some time today for a moment to sip a nice cup of hot cocoa and remember all the snowy days of years' past that we endured.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today, a day to regroup

Life can get hectic that's for sure.  I've been busy working on customer quilts, and this is a peek of the latest I've done.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try something I'd seen on my Gammill Group on Yahoo, it's just two pieces of fleece, and I did wonky feathers by Pajama Quilter Dawn Ramirez

Today I have to get started on another quilt for a customer but I hope to have time to start on a rail fence quilt that I've been wanting to get to just for me.  If I can just get the fabric ironed I'll be a happy camper.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Too many errands, too many tasks, not enough time in the day?

It sure seems that way lately.  I'm debating whether to go to water aerobics this morning.  Of course I know I need to go, I know it would do me good, but I'm so tired I'd really like to just crawl back into bed.  Today is already going to be busy enough, and tomorrow will start out that way as well.   ugh!  but you know once I'm in the water I'm always thankful that I made the effort...okay, all right, I'd better get ready...a quick banana and I'll be on my way to the Y.

I need to plan some "me" time this weekend.  What do you like to do for "me" time?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Time to Post

I have been extremly busy lately, and I find myself writing less and less on my blog.  I have to make a better effort to do that with interesting stuff and more pictures.  I have the next couple of days off from work, so I hope to catch up on all that is going by the wayside.

On another note, my team the Green Bay Packers, are going to the super bowl!!!   Yeah!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Off to water aerobics

I'm headed out to water aerobics and then I work today until 2pm.  Also work tomorrow until 2pm.  I finished a fleece quilt which I did wonky feathers on, inspired by The Pajama Quilter.  Hope to get to a customer quilt later today. 

Looking at my stash recently I think I am finally ready to start getting rid of stuff.  Love the Sew Its For Sale yahoo group, and Fling It All from Stashbuster. 

This coming Sunday is a big football game, at least to me anyway.  The Packers vs The Bears!  I'm a Packer Fan being from Wisconsin, and the Packers and Bears have always been big rivals.  I can't wait.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh how sweet

This is one of my customer's quilts that I finished.  The pantograph pattern is called Curly Hearts.  Just a sweet quilt all pink and pretty and now filled with pretty hearts.

Finally a quilty picture

I've been working on getting some quilts ready to send out for the Returning Warriors Workshop in the Pensacola area.  So here is one of the string quilts which was sent to me from Heartstrings Quilt Project.

In all I will be sending a total of 3 quilts to them, 2 of which came from Heartstrings. 

It's been cold here in the Deep South and a perfect weekend for sewing the binding on the last 2 of these quilts while watching the football playoffs.  Perhaps a cup of hot chocolate is in order.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking forward to the weekend

A busy day today, work from 9am to 2pm and then off to the vet with our chocolate lab, Jake since he is due for his yearly exam and shots. 

Then it's the weekend!  Hooray!  I can finish the Heartstrings quilts and send them on to the Returning Warriors workshop contact person. 

I don't know about your, but I love to sit and sew the bindings on a quilt.  Especially when it's cold outside!  Can't wait.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

How time flies

I kept thinking I need to post, but life has been hectic.  It's also very cold here in the Deep South.  Working out of the home and from home plus the cold weather, has me a bit run down, and now I have a good cold.  Trying to get through one day at a time.

I am currently working on two string quilts from Heartstrings Quilt Project.  They came from one of our members in Minnesota and I've been quilting them to go to the Returning Warriors Workshop for the Pensacola area. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Information, please

As you know I started working this week besides my quilting business, and I don't have a real schedule yet.  I hope to get that taken care of today when I go in to work.  It makes it hard to plan all of the other things I have going on.  Isn't it amazing how one bit of information can affect one's life?  And how everything links together?  And isn't it difficult when there are unknowns?  And how that affects everything we do? I like to have facts and information in front of me before I can function. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Not much time for posting

My daughter arrived this morning, a long drive from Northern Missouri.  I am starting my first day of work at Hancock Fabrics and I'll admit I'm a bit nervous, you know, like your first day of school...

I'm working on a customer quilt as well, and have a commission quilt going, needless to say it's going to be a busy week.

I did get the mystery quilt done from NYE, added two borders, but haven't had a chance to get a picture.