Monday, November 22, 2010

New cookware

I'm not the gourmet chef by any means, so I never really had a gourmet set of cookware, but mine have always gotten a good workout.  I've gone through several sets, mainly because I've always chosen the non-stick type.  It doesn't seem to matter how expensive the set has been, after a time the coating starts to break down.  So I decided to try the stainless.  So starts another exciting adventure!

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  1. We have stainless pots, (20yrs old) and I LOVE them, they clean up like a dream! I think with the frying pans, a good thing to try to keep in mind is not to cook on high, (all of them, actually) but med. We have one, but needed it in the camper, so that is where it is. We have good non-stick ones, which have lasted the longest, but they still flake too, after a bit. Of course, cast iron is the best, I think, but I cant lift them anymore with bum wrists.
    Dont know if this helps, but let us know how it works for you. I do love stainless...