Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Easy does it today

I finished the big Tshirt quilt on Monday after a marathon day.  By Monday night I knew I'd done myself in, so I paid for it yesterday with a major headache.  I worked on a few more 3" squares from a leaders and enders project but that was about it.

Today I cut some muslin squares for my project with Heartstrings Quilt Project.  I've only just joined but had gone to their website many times because I have several bins full of strings, so many that the one bin was overflowing and I had to separate them by colors.  I am always looking for a group who participates in good deeds.  What is that saying, many hands make the load lighter...something like that.

So before it got too hot here today I cut a stack of muslin foundation squares.

And on another note, my son who lives in Fairbanks was caribou hunting and got a nice bull.  Most of the meat they eat is wild game, or fish, so they are always greatful for a good hunt to fill the freezer for the long winter.

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