Monday, October 4, 2010

Some goals for the week...

I sometimes hesitate to list goals because life takes different turns and I'm always adjusting to get through the day.  But things do seem to be piling up and there has to be some control! 

My committment to a healthier lifestyle is a major part of my day/week.  Making it to the YMCA for workouts and then eating healthy can really take up some time.  My quilting business is a major focus and I try to keep customer quilts moving and finished on time.  Then there is the usual household stuff, laundry, grocery shopping, blah blah.  I also hope to get a bedroom painted this week, clean the carpet in that room, and find a new curtain, hang up pictures, etc.  I hope this endeavor goes better than the bathroom "sprucing up". 

And then there is this:

 My fabric stash is huge, I'll admit to that.  But the yardage is all arranged nice and neat on shelves by color.  Fat quarters and half yard pieces are all organized in bins, 2.5" strips, smaller strips and smaller blocks are all tucked away, but for some reason I always have two bins full of what I call chunks.  That is anything smaller than a fat quarter, or a regular 1/4 yd.  And it includes all the trimming from my backings after I finish one of my personal quilts or charity quilts.  And it grows and grows. 

The problem is that I usually hesitate to cut scraps up until I know what I'm going to need them for, but after a while it gets out of hand.  So my thought for this week's, down and relaxation time, is to cut 10" squares like layer cakes, and 5" charms from this unruly pile.  What is left can be cut in 2.5" strips, which I use a lot.  After that the small stuff goes into my string and crumb bins, which are all sorted by colors.  I'd really like to get all of the above into packages like this:

Here is the the result of a couple of hours yesterday, cutting into 10", 5" squares and 2.5" strips.  Since I have a fair amount of quilting books that use cake layers and charms in the patterns, I'm hoping that I can get a handle on this mess.  That little bag of neatly trimmed squares sure looks better than the piles.

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  1. Oh wow all that neatness is just a dream to me to tame my sewing space! How long did this take you?
    I have baskets and baskets that need cutting and organizing. Nice job :0)

    Happy Sewing