Friday, December 17, 2010

This & That & dreaming of snow

I can't believe it's only a week until Christmas Eve.  Being a northern girl living in the deep south, it just doesn't feel quite like Christmas unless there is snow on the ground, or the hope of snow.  Putting aside all of the perils of the white stuff,  I have to admit I just love it.  There is nothing better to me than watching the snow fall, or to see fresh snow glittering in the sunlight...a pot of soup or stew on the stove or in the crock pot, and yes, of course, colorful fabric scraps to sew & sew & sew....munching on cookies and sipping hot chocolate, ahhhh yes.

No snow, no hot chocolate or cookies, but a stir-fry for dinner and some sewing on the does that sound?  Well that's going to be today's plan.  Remember I mentioned yesterday that I'd like to do some stitch outs of the Circle Lord templates?  I looked over what I need and there will be quite a few, so with that in mind I decided to go with muslin.  I know, not nearly as exciting, but will still serve the purpose.  I have the muslin in the wash now.  I have a customer picking up a quilt mid morning so while I'm waiting I hope to have the muslin on the machine and a few done before she comes.  This should use up some batting scraps as well, so I'll be digging in the tubs shortly.

I've put aside my flannel quilt so that I can get the stitch outs done.  I have some commission work to start on but I will get serious about that between Christmas and New Years. 

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