Thursday, December 16, 2010

A huge job done!

It has taken me almost a week of working on and off, but I have finally re-organized all of my pantographs (patterns I use with my longarm machine).  I'd already had a sample of each design in binders and then had alphabetized all the pantos into cubbies.  But there were 6 to 7 in each cubbie and hard to keep straight, so...

I got some mailing tubes, put all of the pantos in numbered tubes which correspond to the number of the pattern in the binder.  The binders are arranged by subject matter such as flowers, feathers etc.  So that is done. 

In addition I did a master sheet/spread sheet that lists the pantograph name, the number assigned and the theme.  I sorted one alphabetically and one by theme.  So I can quick look up the information on pantographs that are used often until I become familiar with the new system.

I also have giant templates from Circle Lord which are not in the binders.  I have 8 of those so I'm thinking of doing a stitch-out for a sample of those.  Maybe black fabric with a colorful thread. 

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  1. I think this is a fabulous idea!!! I don't have nearly as many pantos as you have but this is just the best idea. I do have samples in a notebook but they are unorganized. Thanks for the great tips. Can't wait to change my storage!