Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Some changes in the studio?

About 14 months ago I had a professional organizer help me with my studio and personal sewing room, 2 rooms that badly needed an overhaul.  The sewing room is not seen by my customers and I don't worry about it as much, and truthfully I spend way more time in the studio where my longarm machine is.  At the time we reorganized, I got rid of a mammoth oversized desk and went for a more streamlined look.  Lots of cubbies, but what turned out to be over time, not much surface space for my laptop and writing space.  I spent just under $200 on all the "units", but I want a real desk back.  I found one at our local Goodwill that I really like.  It's ugly, from the 60"s with tapered legs, but structurally sound.  It has 5 drawers and will fit in my space with room to spare.  I was going to paint it anyway, so surface marks didn't matter.  The cost?  $25.99, not too bad.  So I'm brainstorming in my head, doing a lot of thnking and wondering if this desk I'm considering will really meet my needs.  It's not so much the cost, but the time it will take to get it painted when I'm already pressed for time these days...and yet my current arrangement is beginning to get on my nerves as well.  Decisions, Decisions...I do have a couple more places I want to look but I keep picturing the desk in my studio...

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