Friday, February 25, 2011

Clipping Coupons? Menu Service?

When the kids were growing up I could never kee up with the coupons from Sunday's paper, or using the coupons for that matter, it always seemed that it was more bother than it was worth.  Our local Sunday paper leaves much to be desired and besides, I"d rather be quilting than clipping coupons.

But several years ago I became a fan of e-mealz a subscription menu service catering to just two people or an entire family.  It features not only different types of dietary considerations, but also what store you do your food shopping at.  With just my hubby and I,  we chose the meals for two, and this year I decided to go with the New Points System (Weight Watchers).  Although we have a Publix where I like to purchase meats, the general bulk of my shopping is from WalMart, and with e-mealz you have that option.  The menus are planned around the local grocery flyers so that you can take advantage of the specials.  Oh and did I mention that the grocery shopping list is already provided for you, just print it off and take it to the store....!!

It was through the e-mealz site that I discovered The Coupon Clippers a service that does the coupon clipping for you, charges a very nominal handling fee and mails your coupons out to you for the cost of a regular postage stamp.  At this site you can browse through all kinds of coupons that you might not have come across in your Sunday paper supplement.  I spend about $4.50 every 10 days or so with The Coupon Clippers, and from that collection of coupons I usually save between $25 -$50 on my grocery bill. 

What's not to love?

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