Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting off the fast track

When I took on a part time job in January, in addition to my longarm quilting business, I thought that I would have no problem managing both.  Just wanting a little extra money to attack some bills and have some treats now and then...then the hours got to be more and more...and I got stressed and stressed.  My longarm business was getting harder and harder to manage, especially this time of year when people want quilts finished for Christmas.  The worst part was that it left me no time at all for my own quilting, which if you are a quilter you know can be very therapeutic.  So this past Saturday was my last day.  I still find myself all revved up in the morning thinking that I have to rush as usual to fit everything in my day, and then I realize that I only need to focus on the longarm quilting.  It is wonderful.

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